Do I have to purchase tickets in advance? Can I pay cash for tickets?
Tickets must be purchased in advance, and tours often sell out quickly. Please book well in advance to increase your chances of getting the day and time you prefer. Tickets can be purchased with major credit cards. Cash is not accepted.
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If a tour is sold out, can I get on a waiting list?
We do not offer a waiting list for tours. If a tour is sold out, please email the time and date that you are interested in and we will contact you with possible solutions.

How much do we walk? Is it a fast pace?
The tour is approximately 3 hours of walking with numerous stops. We walk at a very leisurely pace.

Are tours offered only in English?
Yes, at this time we offer tours only in English.

Do I tip the tour guide?
Destination Food Tours does not include gratuities in the cost of the ticket. A standard gratuity for a tour guide is 15%- 20% of the price. If you have a great time, gratuities are accepted by our tour guides.

How much food is served on a tour?
We will be stopping at about 6 places and sampling a variety of different foods. For most people there will be enough food that lunch afterwards is not necessary.

What restaurants will we stop at and what kind of food will we sample?
We will be stopping at a wide variety of specialty stores, eateries and restaurants. We choose a unique and delicious blend of flavors.

Are there any beverages offered on the tour?
Many places offer water along the way and additional drinks can be purchased during the tour.

Are walking tours given in bad weather?
These tours are rain or shine. If the weather is bad, we will be able to go into many of the places along the way. Please research in advance what type of weather is expected and come prepared to the best of your ability.

Are tours pet friendly?
Although our four legged friends would love to taste too, due to entering various food establishments, no pets are allowed.

Does the tour end at the same place that we start?
No. We end about three blocks away from our original starting point. However, a map will be provided and tour guides will be more than happy to help with directions.

Do we only walk around and sample food?
No! This is a three hour experience full of information, demonstrations, stories and great food. Guests will be guided around all of Santa Monica’s best places by a real local that knows the ins and outs of this great western town. Along the way we will point out great places to eat, shop and explore.

Are bathrooms available on the tour?
Yes, there are bathrooms available at designated stops along the way.

Are cameras allowed on the tour?
Absolutely. Both still and video cameras are allowed and encouraged along the tour.

Do the tours offer anything to native Californians?
Yes, many of the participants are locals that participate to learn about Santa Monica and the best specialty food store locations and local restaurants

Meeting Point:
1400 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA

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